The Optimus Order comprises the elite of Cybertron's military officers. All members bear the special rank of "Optimus," which confers rank and status similar to those held by knights in feudal Europe. The Optimus Order is guided by the Prime Optimus, although all of the members are technically equals.


Known members of the Optimus Order include:

The functional prime minister of the Optimus Order, his pre-Optimal identity is a closely-guarded secret.

Transwarp starship captain, original beast warrior, and agent of Cybertron's reformatting.

The "dark knight" of the Order, commanding a force of beast warriors on Titan.

Straight-laced and virtuous to a fault, many think Leo could someday become the Prime Optimus.

Inducted into the Order upon his return from planet Gaia.

The Order's "one-man army," who helped fight off one of Unicron's many attacks.

A fleet commander who is, frustratingly, stuck in mid-transformation.

Once a Targetmaster named Stepper, now commander of the Cybertronian Dimensional Patrol.

Once the Turbomaster officer Thunderclash, later involved in the quest for the Microids.

An up-and-coming junior officer, the least experienced member of the Order.

Badge of Office

After all the wisdom was emptied from the Autobot Matrix of Leadership, the sacred artifact was thought to be useless. All this changed when Optimus Prime's body was recovered. Just as he was reborn as a Battlestar through the power of the Zodiac, so too was the Matrix reborn as the AllSpark. A few centuries later, the AllSpark was digitally replicated, creating Energon Matrices. Although decidedly less almighty than the original, these Matrices are still incredibly potent devices and thus make a fitting badge of office for members of the Optimus Order.

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