Alert is the temperamental medic assigned to Inferno's unit of Autobots. Originally a paramedic belonging to the Iaconian Search and Rescue Medical Division in the city of Iacon on pre-war Cybertron, he was soon inadvertently drafted into the Great War when the medical center that he worked at became the primary hospital for all military and civilian casualties in the Iacon area. It was during this time that he became acquainted with Inferno as the two worked together often. After the evacuation of Cybertron and the desolation of the planet, he journeyed across the galaxy alongside Inferno and was on the planet of Codiscin Five in the ending days of the Great War. After the war's end, he joined up with the Cybertrons to fight the Destrons wherever they may be.

Alert Alt Mode (Beaga)

Mach Alert's Codiscin Industries Emergency Evac Drive alt mode.

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