Transformers Symbols CR universe

New Animohphs Insignia, 2nd on bottom left, first row.Visor Three's is on the bottom right, 3rd row.

After thirty years since their original live series on Nickelodeon, Hasbro decided to remake the show as an animated series.


Five teenagers are chosen by a dieing alien named Alfangor to protect the planet Earth from the Yeerks, alien parasites that enters your brain through the ear and control you like a puppet, and Earth is their next target. The kids along with Alfangors little brother Ax are given the power to morph into any animal they touch and obtain the DNA of, as well as transform half way where they have superpowers. Vissor Three, a Yeerk in an Andilite body and the same species as Alfangor and Ax, can morph into an Inferno Creature and a Hork Bajjor, but not even any of that will be a match for an entire team of organic Transformers.


These are the main heroes in the animated series.
Name Rank Race Gender Age Allies Beast Mode 1 Beast Mode 2 Beast Mode 3 Beast Mode Final
Jake Leader White Male 15 Andilites Tiger Grizzly Bear Stingray 1st half of Trirex
Marco 2nd in Command Hispanic Male 15 Andilites Gorilla Bettle 2nd half of Trirex N/A
Cassie 3rd in Command Black Female 15 Andilites Wolf 3rd half of Trirex N/A N/A
Tobias 4th in Command white with an Andilite father (Alfangor) Male 15 Andilites Raptor Hawk N/A N/A N/A
Rachael (Jake's cousin) 5th in Command White Female 15 Andilites Male Lion N/A N/A N/A
Ax Final Member Andilite degised as a White human Male 19 Other Andilites Black Panther Andilite Form Blue Scorpion N/A
Humanoid Beast Mode NickName's!
Jake's Tiger Mode: Tigatron Jake's Grizzly Bear Mode: Kodiak Jake's Stingray Mode: Depcharge
Marco's Gorilla Mode: Apelinqs Marco's Bettle Mode: Hardshell N/A
Cassie's Wolf Mode: Shewolf N/A N/A
Tobias' Raptor Hawk Mode: Divebomb N/A N/A
Rachel's Lion Mode: Leobreaker N/A N/A
Ax's Panther Mode: Shadow Ax's Andilite Form: Andilite Name Ax's Andilite's Scorpion Mode: Andilite Name
Most of the nicknames are the actual name's of previous Transformers: Apelinqs and Divebomb from G1, Tigatron and Depcharge from The Beast Wars, Hardshell from Transformers Prime Season Two and Leobreaker from Transformers Cybertron: Robots In Disguise.
This cartoon only has two seasons and thirteen episodes per season, making a grand total of twentysix Episodes. Vissor Three gets help form multiple members of the Predacon race including the 1&only Ravage.
The Animorphs are revealed to be the first true original Maximals, pre dating the original Beast Wars and Beast Machines. Vissor Three remains as the only Yeerk with the ability to morph/transform into any creature he wishes.
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