Biographical information

Planet Cybertron

Physical description
Alternate Mode

Green GMC Topkick 4500



Sensor color


Personal information

Fishimus Prime, Non-Extant UnPerson, Spoiler


Customercons, Non-Extant UnPerson (some days)



Chronological and political information

Bored Fish era


Arbitrary Autobots

"Don’t blast the powney!"

The first impression one gets on meeting Anniehide is that she is grossly over-armed and, more to the point, not afraid to use the massive array of weapons at her disposal. Certainly, she seems to be more then eager to engage the Customercons, wading into battle with innumerable guns blazing away in a spectacular display of overkill.

However, there is another side to Anniehide. If you get to know her (and aren’t on the receiving end of her overkill), she’s actually a very nice giant killer alien robot. She’s friendly and easygoing, always happy to have a good time and a few laughs with friends. She also has a love for Earth’s native life-forms, such as dogs and horses (Which she pronounces as “powneys”). Psychotic fuzzy cats are another matter.

Anniehide has an on-again, off-again friendship with Spoiler. While usually friendly, the smaller Arbitrary Autobot has a tendency to get on Anniehide’s nerves when she blurts out something important that she wasn't meant to. This usually results in excessive gunplay and the smaller Autobot running. Fast.

Like Non-Extant UnPerson, she occasionally overindulges in high-grade Energon. Given her staggering arsenal, this can only be a Bad Thing.


In robot mode, Anniehide is armed with a pair of Gratutious Overkill Megacrush Cannons. Powered by specially-designed Budansky energy cells, these weapons are capable of asploding most anything she should care to use that on. Which, usually, is whatever’s annoyed her at the moment, typically a hapless Customercon. Or Spoiler. But she’d never ever use them on a powney.


To make a toy of Anniehide, get the movie Voyager-Class Movie Ironhide and paint it metallic green. Then pretend that it’s vaguely feminine.

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