The Anti-Decepticon Force (A.D.F) was a special unit of the Autobots during and after the war on Cybertron. They are led by the merciless Autobot commander Venaticus. Their primary objective is to neutralize any remaining decepticon cells, still active in the galaxy.

"United we shall stand, divided they fall." -The A.D.F's motto


During the war on Cybertron, specifically, during the battle of Prixus-One, an encircled and surrendering Decepticon cell was anihilated by a young officer named Venaticus. Later, the same kind of actions would repeat, sometimes leading to desastrous civilian casaulties. These actions were heard by many, including Optimus Prime who quickly warned Venaticus about his violent tendencies, temporarly demoting him for his actions. As the war grew bigger and started to spread throughout the universe, Venaticus formed a new Autobot cell in secret, which would later be known as the Anti-Decepticon Force.

Venaticus formed the First A.D.F force shortly after the Ark left Cybertron. His squad was ale to steal a powerful warship they renamed "the Hourglass". They later left Cybertron, and remained stationed on some of the planet's many moons. During that period, the A.D.F led deadly raids on Kaon and other Decepticon cities.

Arriving on Earth after the peace treaty of Iacon, the group set out, under the command of Cryterion, to hunt down any remaining Decepticons on the planet, despite the terms of the peace treaty between Optimus Prime and Megatron being officialized. Now considered as rogue and extremist Autobots, the A.D.F seeks to hunt down the remnants of the Decepticons by any means necessary, despite the warnings of both Megatron and Prime.

Current Members

  • Venaticus (Alastair Duncan), a fanatic and extremist to the Autobot cause, he leads the team.
  • Balustrade (Crispin Freeman), a loud and trigger-happy bot, he's a very bad driver
  • Palisade (Patrick Mcalister), a silent and deadly sniper, he has a obsessive-compulsive disorder.
  • Downcast (Keith Silverstein), a scientist, and chief engineer, doesn't hesitate to use brutal interrogation methods.
  • Ringer (Tom Kenny), an insane and violent psychotic assassin, he's the most unhinged of the team.
  • Counterflow (Kimberley Brooks), a war hardened soldier, questions Cryterion's orders frequently.
  • Fusilade (Kevin Michael Richardson), a huge brute and gun amateur, he's the captain of "the Hourglass".
  • Blackguard (Troy Baker), a scheming, cruel and manipulative officer, he is Cryterion's right-hand-man.
  • Highbeam (Jamieson Price), a hot headed and reckless flying Autobot, only partners with Counterflow.
  • Oxide (Roger Craig Smith), a sarcastic and cold scientist, sefves as the chief medic and Chemical expert.
  • A.D.F Troopers
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