Apollo is a Decepticon in Transformers:Aftermath. He was once an Autobot, and Selene's partner. After a seemingly fatal accident, he joined the Decepticons. He is quite vain, and refuses to engage in melee combat if there are other options. He is quite friendly, but somewhat condescending to his fellow Decepticons. This has not made him many friends, but Auto-Bomb and Eleanor seem to tolerate him.

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Red/gold 2009 Dodge Challenger





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Autobots, Selene



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Apollo was once Selene's partner. He was in the middle of a battle when a Decepticon detonated a close-range gamma bomb on his chest. He managed to push Selene out of the blast radius before the explosion. When the Empire 1 swept over collecting the injured, it accidentally sucked up Apollo. Placed into a repair chamber, Controller used his control nanites to wipe out Apollo's memory of being an Autobot. Having a Decepticon badge stamped on him, Apollo decided to follow their cause.

In Book 1, he scans a Dodge Challenger from a dealership. In Book 2, he attacks Selene and Wing, but Selene shoots him in the chest, sending him into stasis lock.


Apollo can achieve 255 mph in vehicle mode. He is armed with two heat ray cannons on his forearms, which can blow a large tank apart in a single shot. He is quite strong and well armored, able to tear apart an armored car with his bare hands. He is also armed with high beams in his headlights that are designed to affect Selene's optics most severely. He also has a repulsor in his chest that is more powerful than Selene's, but fires more slowly. When he must engage in melee combat, he is armed with a carbon-titanium flail that can smash most armors. His reluctance to engage in melee combat means he has very little training in it. His incredible firepower means he rarely has to resort to melee combat. His heavy armor also limits his agility in robot mode, and his vehicle mode has poorer handling at high speeds than even the original vehicle.


Apollo is mostly red with gold flames. He has yellow eyes.

Behind the scenes

His color scheme and repulsor is a reference to Iron Man. His name is derived from an ancient sun deity, a counterpart to Selene's lunar-derived name.

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