Arbitrary Autobots
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Something Prime

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Fishimus Prime

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Planet Cybertron

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Bored Fish era

"’till all are somewhat amused"
—Arbitrary Autobot Creed

The Arbitrary Autobots are a faction of Transformers devoted to the causes of freedom and justice for all sentient species, as well as their right to wear colourful shirts. The Arbitrary Autobots are locked in a constant state of war with their deadly enemies, the Customercons.

Aeons ago, Something Prime, bearer of the Autobot Matrix of Stuff created the Arbitrary Autrobots in response to the first attacks by the Customercons on Planet Cybertron. In a vision given to him by the matrix (although it could have also been due to blunt cranial unit trauma) he saw that, if left unstopped, the Custromercons would overrun the galaxy, smothering all life under their relentless waves of inane questions. He vowed to fight to the last drop of his spark to stop the Customercon menace – no matter the cost.

Since that time, the leadership has been passed from one Autobot to the next, based on whoever knows the most stuff at the time, and whoever has a Glowy Thing in their chest.


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