Arcee is an Autobot in Universes: Animated

Before the war began, Arcee was a teacher at the Cybertron finance academy. When war broke loose, Arcee used her talents for information gathering and recon. During this time Arcee and her medic Ratchet, were captured by the bounty hunter Lockdown and she was forced to erase her databanks to prevent the Decepticons gaining the access codes she carried. She is currently in a medical facility where Doctors are trying to repair her damaged mind.

Abilities: Subject had high speed and endurance and though she hates warfare she is a valiant fighter.

Weakness: Subject has below average strength and firepower.

Strength 5
Intellience 10
Speed 9
Endurance 8
Courage 8
Rank 7
Firepower 5
Skill 8
Total 60


R arcee-071
R arcee-051

R arcee-118
R arcee-083

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