Arcee (Nova)

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Arcee is the main female Autobot in the TAN organization as well as the overall diva of the organization. She loves to use her speed to overwhelm her opponents and is rather rash and merciless in combat. She hates nothing more than Decepticons. For fun, Arcee will taunt other Transformers and call them slow just to get them to race her. There is nothing that Arcee loves more than racing and is in other words addicted to it.

Arcee specializes in using long-ranged weapons thanks to her good friend Ironhide whom she is very close with. She later shows her softer side to Bumblebee and Steven Walker when they join the TAN organization and are quickly casted off as misfits amongst its members. Despite being good friends with her partner, Kelsy Vincent, she and Arcee often clash over who is the alphaness of TAN and the Autobots.


Affiliation: Autobot

Function: Warrior

Alternate Mode: Pink Aprilla Tuono V4R Motorcycle

Partner: Kelsy Vincent

Team: Team Prime/Team Vincent


Transformers: Nova cartoon

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