Armorhide is a Decepticon in Universes: rid

Armorhide transforms into a combat tank. He specializes in desert warfare, and his body camouflage can even fool Optimus Prime's eyes. Lurking beneath the desert sands, he sets ant lion-type traps, then delivers the final blow with his deadly Dangar Cannon. No matter how bad the road, he can run the distance on it thanks to his cybertitanium-alloy caterpillar treads. He makes post-combat sand baths his only pleasure. Armorhide can combine with the other four Decepticon Combiners to form Ruination.

Strength: 8
Intelligence: 5
Speed: 5
Endurance: 9
Rank: 7
Courage: 7
Firepower: 8
Skill: 6
Total: 55


R dangar047
R dangar038

R dangar059

R dangar057

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