The Ascenticons were a civil rights movement from before the Great War. Their numbers were mostly composed of members of the working classes of Cybertron. The movement was founded by the Grand Architect of the time, Termagax, who firmly believed in a peaceful change for the corrupt and stagnant society that the Cybertronian race had become. Unfortunately, as their numbers rose, the number of those who wished for violence against the elite of Cybertron grew in number until they overthrew Termagax and ousted her and her followers from the organization. From there, the organization changed from a peaceful group of workers rallying for change to an army of revolutionaries and after a few years of building up their power, they started the Great War with the attempted assassination of Nominus Prime. Shortly afterwards, a splinter group derived from the teachings of Termagax, the poet Straxus and the revolutionary Megatron known as the Decepticons absorbed the faction after their leader Megatron killed the Ascenticon leader Legonis in one to one combat. After that moment, the Ascenticons were no more. Today, they are mentioned from time to time and generally get the blame for the Great War.

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