"I’m okay. Also, I have the essence of our living machine god in my chest"
—Fishimus Prime

This thing here

The Autobot Matrix of Stuff is an ancient mystical glowy artifact that has been passed down through the leaders of the Arbitrary Autobots since, oh I don’t know, a long time ago (Certainly longer then since last Tuesday). The first known bearer of the Matrix was Something Prime, the founder of the Arbitrary Autobots. However, given that it is an ancient glowy artefact that comes from gosh knows where, he might not have been the first to actually bear it. But we’ll say that he was for the process of the narrative.

Over the countless aeons, the Autobot Matrix of Stuff has been passed down from leader to leader until the present day, where it is wielded by Fishimus Prime. Which is a bit of a letdown.

Nobody is entirely sure where it comes from or what it actually does. Some say that it is the essence of the Arbitrary Autobots’ creator. Others say that it is the stored wisdom of the ages. And others suggest that it can detect magnetic north by smell, and that its voice can only be heard by cats. Regardless, it is considered to be somewhat important, as only the leader gets to have it. And by having it, they get to be the leader. It’s complicated.

Known Matrix bearers

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