While the authoritarian Decepticons have a rather arbitrary and informal command structure, the Autobots adhere to a much more formal and structured chain of command. Listed below are the various Autobot ranks.

Autobot Ranks

-Prime Rank 10 (Supreme Commander) There's always only one Prime; the bearer of the Zodiac-powered Autobot Creation and Reconfiguration Ultra-Matrix of Power, Light, Purification and Leadership. Primes include Primon, Prima, Alpha Prime, Vector Prime, Nexus Prime, Logos Prime, Prime Nova, Sentinel Prime, Zeta Prime, Optimus Prime, Rodimus Prime, Primal Prime, and Sigma Prime.

Optimus- Rank 9 (Commander) The elite knights of the Autobots, each equipped with an Energon Matrix and specially enhanced with a Rheanimum-infused superstructure (this facilitates ressurective resparking). Notable Optimus-ranked Autobots include Optimus Primal, Optimus Feral, Optimus Minor, Optimus Corax, Optimus Leo, Optimus Neo, Optimus Titan, Optimus Fire, Optimus Thunder, and Optimus Ace.

Rodimus- Rank 8 (Matrix Templar) Those who are specially tuned to communicate with the Allspark and/or Primus as well as their heralds and avatars (such as Vector Sigma, the Oracle, the Magnificence, the Divine Light, the Caretaker, and others). This rank was inspired by the works of Rodimus Prime. All Rodimus-ranked Autobots are specially enhanced with a Rhodium-infused superstructure which replicates the endurance of Corrostop. Notable Rodimus-ranked Autobots include Rodimus Prime, Rodimus Major, Rodimus Minor, Rodimus Accel, Rodimus Heat, Rodimus Breaker, and Rodimus Nova.

-Magnus Rank 7 (City Commander) The officer in charge of a city, base, or battle station. Notable Magnus-ranked Autobots include Ultra Magnus, Grand Magnus, God Magnus, Powered Magnus, Versa Magnus, Infra Magnus, and Sentry Magnus.

-Maximus Rank 6 (Captain) Captain of a Maximus-class battleship. Notable Maximus-ranked Autobots include Fortress Maximus, Grand Maximus, Brave Maximus, and Master Maximus.


Autobot ranks sometimes apply to an Autobot's first name, sometimes to the last name. It's complicated.

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