Aveskout is a member of Gothika Mortiis in the Transformers: Extinction fanon.

"I was born on the battlefield, raised on the battlefield... Rockets, gunfire, screams... they were my lullabies..."

Aveskout was raised in the middle of the gunfire, sirens and screams of the Vos-Iacon war. She was constantly being hunted as her family had been causing trouble in the areas of Vos controlled by Iacon, and had to move from one shelter to another on almost a daily basis. When she woke from her sleep, a family would usually be missing, and she prayed that she would make it through each day.

Eventually, the Vos penal legion was created, and the casualties that were caused by them caused Fracturepoint, the Governor of Iacon, to order a full withdrawal of the Iacon forces.

Trying to ensure that her family’s deaths were not in vain and to gain revenge on Iacon, she became a soldier of fortune. She tried her best to fight for cause that would prove the most problematic for Iacon, fighting in the Hibernium resistance as well as fighting for Polyhex in the Polyhex wars.

She eventually became a renowned sniper and was capable of waiting for a target for weeks without moving before killing them with her weapon of choice, a disruptor rifle. However, through her many years of sniping, she has developed an addiction for diazepam, a human drug used to relieve anxiety and to stop muscle spasms.

Her participation in the Polyhex wars gained her the attention of Straxus, who invited her to join a unit he was putting together to give to an ally of his, who had proven invaluable in stopping an Iacon ploy to sabotage Polyhex.

During her years in Gothika Mortiis, she has learnt to use dual laser pistols for when the enemy is too close for her sniper rifle to be effectively used.

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