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Yellow AA Tank/Combiner Limb



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"No you open the Matrix!"

As a member of the Customercons’ Team Annoyicus Maximus, Backwash is a vital part of their military machine. Like the other members of the team, he is key to forming the gigantic combiner robot, one of the most powerful weapons in their arsenal. However, Backwash’s own interests and goals have nothing at all to do with forming a super robot or, for that matter, anything remotely useful.

Backwash’s interests are alcohol high-grade energon, video games, pr0n and telling people all about his collections of alcohol high-grade energon, video games and pr0n. Anything beyond that doesn’t really rate a mention whatsoever in his consciousness. Given a choice between doing something useful or, say, getting fall down drunk, Backwash will go for the latter every single time. On some occasions he decides that he will try something (or is dragged to it by a superior officer), but will then augment the experience with high-grade energon. Because nothing helps your team in battle more then being drunk off your fase.

Added to this, Backwash has no sense of responsibility or timing whatsoever. If needed for an urgent mission, he will often be absent. When somebody does eventually try to track him down, he will usually be in his quarters (themselves a filthy hellhole full of empty bottles, uneaten food and cat vomit) playing on his MegaPlayCube X while drinking heavily. However, if challenged, he will vigorously defend his "cultural identity" and claim that it's under siege by people out to ruin it and impose their values on him. And yet he also wonders why no females like him.

Despite all this, Backwash does like to travel. He has a love of travelling to strange new worlds and seeking out new life and new civilisations. And once there he immediately finds a new way to get black-out drunk.


Backwash is armed with an array of deadly weaponised retorts. When confronted with any situation, he will immediately shoot back with a witty line, such as “no you” or “your female parental unit” (The latter does need some work). The actual value of this attack is questionable, but it’s what he does and he is determined to stick to it.

In his alternate mode, Backwash turns into a tank. While heavily armed and armoured, he is more famous for his inability to drive in this form, largely because he is usually drunk. Backwash has been consistently rated as the third worst driver among the Customercons. He also can form any limb of Annoyicus Maximus, save for the left leg. That one’s covered.

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