Bardicus is a (concept-only) Decepticon Combiner from the (fanon) Aligned continuity family.

If Megatron wishes that he had an army of Bruticuses, he would make one, but with different paint jobs, and gave him a codename "Bardicus".

Bardicus consists of:

  • Drailer, a clone of Onslaught.
  • Armordangar, a clone of Brawl.
  • Shuttor, a clone of Blast Off.
  • Rollbar, a clone of Swindle.
  • Heptor, a clone of Vortex.

As a concept-only combiner, Optimus Prime is pretty thankful that this doesn't happen, since he had one Bruticus to deal with.


  • Bardicus is complete/ly based on Robots in Disguise's (2001)/Car Robot's Ruination, which the character and the toys are redecoed from Bruticus.
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