Bardicus is a Decepticon from the Kre-O continuity family.

The Decepticon combiner: Bardicus, is one of the Decepticon Commando's most strongest form. The geshalt composes of:

  • Drailer, the cool-headed commander.
  • Armordangar, the most agressive one.
  • Rollbar, the practitioner of both Crystalocution and Metallikato.
  • Heptor, the smarmy and arrogant one.

...Except for Shuttor, the scouter, since Drailer officially kicked him out of the team because Shuttor failed to search the Autobot's base for like: a hundered times.



  • Commando Bardicus (Micro Changers Combiner)
A redeco of the Kre-O Micro Changers Combiner Bruticus, The gestalt includes four Kreons: Drailer, Armordangar, Rollbar, and Heptor. These four component Kreons can be rebuilt into their alternate modes or taken apart and combined into Bardicus.


  • Bardicus is completely based on Robots in Disguise's 2001 Ruination, which the character and the toys are redecoed from Bruticus.
  • As slated on the description, Shuttor is released as a blind-bag Micro Changer.
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