Barricade is a Decepticon from the Earth continuity family


Barricade (Earth)

Barricade's Alt-Mode: Audi R8

Barricade is the Decepticon Land Commander. He is a speed demon, able to outrun anything on the road. Barricade is also cocky, to the point of arrogance, and regularly mouths off to Megatron. The only reason the Deception Supreme Commander hasn't scrapped him yet is his tactical prowess and efficiency for killing Autobots. Barricades preferred MO is to lead Autobots down roads only he knows how to traverse and cause them to crash. Barricade isn't hugely intimidating though. His small stature leads to a lot of ridiculing, and one day he will have his revenge on all who mocked him.



Subsonic Repeater, Flail, Gear Shredder and Spike Traps


Land Commander


Barricade transforms into an Audi R8.

Special Ability

Barricade's special ability is he can travel at speed's that would rival Blurr's. His front bumper is also incredibly strong.

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