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Beast Machines: The Lost Episodes was a satirical fanfic written by Trae Dorn and Sean Corse that took place during (or in replacement of) Beast Machines. It replaced many plot points, introduced Predicons to the story, and inserted bizarre fan characters like Nickbee, Mr. Bamt, Benny (from Total Recall... sort of) along with spoofs of self-insert characters with Phil Bond and the Rosencrantz and Guildenstern-esque Geever and Crawley.

It was never completed, but the final plot outline of the unwritten three episodes has been released.

The Lost Episodes are best known for their overuse of complex references which forced the writers to maintain an extensive FAQ. There were also marked differences between the episodes written by the two writers (Dorn opting for continuous running gags, including coining the term "Buddha Monkey" for Optimus Primal, and Corse making bizarre parodies of Anime series and G2 comics references).

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