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Ravage: Robot Mode

The Decepticon tuned Predacon returns as a Beast Machine Maximal after Cybertron was reformatted into a techno organic planet, joining Cheetor's team of heroes.

The Return of Ravage

Waspinator actually brought Ravage back to Cybertron with him after reviving him in the Maximal's C.R. Chamber and upgrading him into a Transmetal 2 with the Alien Driver/Device, before reprogramming one of the remaining Stasis Pods into a ship, allowing them both to return to Cybertron. However, after their return, Vehicon Drones attacked them, splitting them up and infecting them both with the Transformation Virus. But while Waspinator would later become the Vehicon general Thrust, The Oracle would lead Ravage to its location, and reformat him into a nearly all black and jaguar version of Cheetor. Leading his own team of Maximals which included Ramhorn (Autobot and brown version of Transmetal 1 Rhinox), Steeljaw (Autobot Lion), SquawkTalk and BeastBox (Condor and Gorilla Decepticons that combine into SquawkBox), these Minicon Cassettes from the Autobot and Decepticon factions have become the Predacon Megatron's worst nightmare sense the return of Optimus Primal and his Maximals.


Ravage is apparently the only Generation 1 Transformer reformatted into a Beast Machine while the rest of his team are Transmetal 1s who thanks to their new team leaders scientific expertise gave them the ability to be immune to the virus via his permanent counter virus. 
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Ravage: Beast Mode

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