"I don't care how big it is, shoot it you slagheaps!"
—Bellator 'motivating' his team when facing Stormbreaker

Bellator is the leader of Shadow Squadron.

Bellator Robot


Cold, callous, and commanding, Bellator is a powerful and ruthless Decepticon commander. Armed with a powerful Riot Cannon, A-4 Pulsar Cannon, and Diffraction Generators, he is a force that Megatron loves dropping on the front lines, and one that Autobots fear to no end.


The Dawn of War

Before the war, Bellator was a gladiator, one of the few with an actual name. His most famous fight lasted hours, when he fought against fellow gladiator R-18, better known as Roadstalker. The two were evenly matched until Megatron and his Decepticons stormed the arena, looking for recruits. Bellator immediately took a knee, while Roadstalker left to join the Autobots.

The War Rages

Bellator fought against the Autobots many times during the war, and was present at many battles. Some included The Battle of Tarn, The Siege of Iacon, and The Assault on Kaon. His most famous battle, however, was The Massacre of Voss, where he slaughtered an entire building full of civilians to bait the Autobots into a trap.

Shadow Squadron

When Megatron realized that Team Thunderstrike was demolishing his forces, he decided he needed specialized response.


Bellator is ruthless and cold. He doesn't care who dies or why, putting him in direct conflict with Team Thunderstrike, specifically Roadstalker.


Bellator is armed, dangerous, and perfectly capable of tearing armies apart. His weapons include:

Riot Cannon

A-4 Pulsar Cannon

Eclipse Rockets

Diffraction Generators


Tyrannus: Shadow Squadron Second in Command

Turbinis: Shadow Squadron Teammate

Umbra: Shadow Squadron Teammate



Bellator shares parts with multiple other Cybertronians active during the late part of the War.

Bellator Vehicle

Chest and vehicle with Zeta Prime

Head and wheels with Hound

Legs with Ultra Magnus

Arms with Swindle

Shoulders with Ironhide

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