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A modified black and gold Suzuki GSX 1300 Hayabusa 5 times the normal size (was normal size prior to being first Rejectformer)





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"You mean you never thought about the fact that my name is made from the first five letters of Biddimus Prime?"
—Biddi/Biddimus Prime

Biddimus Prime, or Biddi, is the golden-eyed leader of the Rejectformers. He firmly stands against the evil HETELLMEcons. On the battlefield, few can match his ability. With his Exile Axe and Klaxon Blasters, Biddimus can stop any plan the HETELLMEcons can throw at his team. Ever vigilant, Biddimus protects Cybertron from the HETELLMEcons and sometimes even the JaAmobots.

Reason for Addition

The little Autobot Biddi, who suicidal but religious, so he always begged for someone to kill him, fell off cliffs, and uncontrollably said biddi if he had nothing else to say, after travelling to Earth and picking an altmode, was disturbed when he was called back to Cybertron by the Cybertronian Jury. They proclaimed that all the people of Cybertron had spoken, saying that he would be exiled from the Autobots and become leader of the Rejectformers. Lio Convoy, one of the members of the Jury mouthed to Biddi that he voted against it. Remorsefully, Lio gave Biddi the Matrix of Exile, immediately causing Biddi to grow to the size of Lio Convoy himself. He transformed into a form he didn't have before, and Ultra Magnus dubbed him Biddimus Prime. Soon, he became enemies of the evil HETELLMEcons, Decepticons who didn't really take the war seriously enough and became a subset of them just as the JaAmobots did.


As mentioned above, Biddimus has two forms, his original Biddi form and Biddimus Prime, who apppears as a cross between G1 Optimus Prime, Animated Prowl, Dawn of Future's Past Optimus Primal, Primal Prime, and Transmetal 2 Cheetor. He can open his chest to reveal the Matrix of Exile. His forearms can cover his hands and become shields. His klaxons can fold out into blasters or laser tonfa. His back hubcaps (on his left leg in super mode) can become throwing star-bombs. If his arms and legs are separated from his body, backup personality components in each part kick in and they can control themselves seperately. He and his Chair Drone (which unlike others has a spark) can also combine into Quakefist Biddimus Prime.

Behind the Scenes

  • Biddimus was inspried by a position his creator once put an Animated Prowl toy into. He can be formed only with the Deluxe Prowl by extending both arms and floding them at the elbows, facing the hands toward the bottom of the vehicle mode, then unfolding the back wheel partially and lodging the square opening on the bottom of the foot into the part of the back of the motorcycle where the klaxon lasers (those things on his wrists that are blue and red) go. Propping it up on its back wheel or holding it up on the back wheel gives you a slightly accurate toy of Biddimus Prime in Biddi mode.
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