If you're looking for a fight with Bighorn, you're pretty much slagged. An Autobot bruiser with a very short temper, he prefers to use his Vehicle mode to ram the Vehicons with his speed & strength.


  • Bighorn (Cyberverse Commander)
    • Accessories: Launcher & missile (combine to form Bonecrusher Axe)

A redeco of the Beast Hunters Cyberverse Commander Bulkhead, to resemble Beast Wars Second's Bighorn's colors. He has 3mm ports in many of the same places as the previous toy, and his vehicle doors have been retooled with additional ports.

He comes with a two-piece "Bonecrusher Axe", the axe can be held at the handle, with the handle featuring a narrow central section to allow it to be safely wedged into Bighorn's hands, while a thicker 3mm section below the narrow part allows it to be held more securely. The weapon's head can launch the attached handle as a missile via pressure-launch, and the head/launcher features a 3mm peg-hole and two posts.


  • Bighorn's weapon: Bonecrusher Axe, is an obvious reference to Bighorn's original Beast Wars counterpart: Bonecrusher.
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