Blackguard is an Autobot officer and member of the Anti-Decepticon Force (A.D.F), a sub-group of Autobot Mercenaries stationed on Earth. He is a ruthless schemer, and an even more terrifying interrogator. he transforms into a Black Ferrari F8 Tributo.

''Peace and trust are the first steps towards defeat". -Blackguard's motto.

Main Informations

If there's anyone who best fits the definition of a true vilain in the A.D.F's ranks, then Blackguard is the perfect pick. A smooth-talking, cruel and malicious manipulator, Blackguard is a rising star in the A.D.F hierarchy. Although young and new on the scene, he has recently come to the attention of Venaticus as a promising operative. Blackguard is diligently devoted to the progression of the Autobot cause, he's an excellent conspirator, always scheming against those he believes might become an inconvenience to him (both allies and enemies). Blackguard seeks to become Venaticus's second in command, and he'll do everything it takes to make it happen. His tendency for puppeteering those close to him make him a very untrustworthy bot.

Arriving on Earth along with Venaticus, on the "Hourglass", and, despite his many flaws, Blackguard believes in the Autobot cause, he's a good combatant and an utterly tenacious hunter. He seems to have Cybertron's best interests at heart... but his perception of "best interests" and how far he'll go for said interests is definitely skewed. He is not the most well armed bot, but posesses an almost limitless set of skills. He's an expert in hand to hand combat, an excellent interrogator and an even more ruthless stalker. He posseses a Cloaking device, which allows him to dissapear in and out of sight at will, although this ability is limited in time. His high velocity canon is perhaps his most devastating weapon, capable to tear through cybertronian CNA, he often uses this weapon excessively.


  • Troy Baker voices Blackguard
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