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Blackout is a Mini-Con in Universes: ut

Profile: Blackout is a freedom fighter in the truest sense of the term. A fun loving mini-con, Blackout hates being ordered to do something he doesn't like to do. And what he lies to do is fight. He is always one of the first to enter a battleground and will not retreat unless there is no other option. He doesn't really care about the decepticon cause and often enters arguments with his partner Demolishor because of this.

Abilities: In vehicle mode subject has a radar dish that can detect motion up to a km away. In both modes he has twin Laser blasters and has above average strength

Weakness: Subject is slow in Vehicle mode and is not very intelligent. Often forgets to use his radar

Strength 7
Intelligence 4
Speed 5
Endurance 6
Courage 10
Rank 7
Firepower 5
Skill 5
Total 49


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