Blackout is a Decepticon Straxus Brigadeer from the Earth continuity family


Blackout (Earth)

Blackout's Alt-Mode: MH-53 Pave Low

Blackout is the most intelligent out of his brothers, but also the smallest. But thats not saying much. He is still huge. But stupidly loyal to "master Megatron". Though that doesn't put him up there with Shockwave. He is still pretty thick. Blackout was one of the 2 fliers in the Straxus Brigade. He currently serves as Megatron's personal bodyguard. He takes it very seriously. If Megtron were killed, he would stand outside the morgue guarding the body.


X-18 Scrapmaker, Zander Cannons, Galva Conductors and Blade Shield.


Personal Bodyguard to Megatron.


Blackout is a slate grey MH-53 Pave Low.

Special Ability

Blackout can cause an EMP shockwave from charges in his feet. By stomping, they send a shockwave that shuts down machinery.

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