Blitzflame is a Decepticon Triple-Changer and a veteran from before the Great War.


Blitzflame has been described by his allies and a few humans as the "screaming, vein popping, red-faced drill sergeant that everyone hates but has to listen to". He's cruel, ruthless, angry, and likely to yell insults at everyone (including his allies).

Blitzflame will do everything in his power to find something to yell about and will not rest until he as chewed you out at least a good 50 or so times in less than a minute.


Being a Decepticon from before the War, Blitzflame has experience, trust, and a lot of rage saved from all those years of fighting. He refuses to tell people when he was created and attempts to ask Megatron (before his untimely demise) or Starsceam (before his death) resulted in everything except for a straight answer.

Throughout his life, Blitzflame has taught new Decepticons "how fighting SHOULD be done" and how to survive when all hope is lost. Once the Great War ended, Blitzflame retired to his new home in Autobot City.

When the Combiner Wars broke out, Blitzflame refused to get involved, even cussing out Rodimus Prime for asking. When the Titans awoke, Blitzflame was, again, absent (presumably still trying to stay out of it) but reluctantly returned at the request of Windblade and the Combiners to help fight Trypticon.

Blitzflame was absent for the events of Power of the Primes, having decided he needed to get away from Cybertron for a while, and returned afterwards to help clean up the mess that had been made. Blitzflame was seen ordering Apocalos and Typhoon to carry away rubble from a pile of scrap during the clean up, still ordering people around.


  • Primary Weapon: Energon Cannon
  • Sidearm: 10mm Automatic shoulder cannons
  • Other Abilities: Change into Plane or Tank


  • MASSIVE ego. Like, a big enough ego to make Starscream seem modest.


  • He's fine with ordering either side around and has, in some situations, managed to scare a few Autobots enough that they followed his orders (before quickly realizing who was yelling and trying to tear him apart).
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