• MrCarrierBot

    Well, just beginning to add content into this wiki, I just want to say is, this is a great wiki DarthFish (you are Darth Vadar's pet fish >:-)) and I hope that this wiki will expand to the near future...and ya, that's all I got to say it.

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  • Darthfish

    Recently the wiki has seen a surge in new content. That's great, and it's allways good to see new users and their creations. However, with that being said, there are a few issues that I want to address.

    There's been a lot of issues of late with Redundant Categories being created by users for their content. Some of these have included "Teenagers", "Human Males", "Movie Sequels" and so on. None of these needed to exist. They're overly specific, and are really just subdividing categories that were allready in place.

    Likewise we've had a suge in categories for user-specific groups and subfactions. These are again somewhat regundant; if a character belongs to that group/subfaction/whatever else. then put them in that. Creation of user-specific it…

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  • Shinobitreecko8


    December 6, 2018 by Shinobitreecko8

    I am new here but not new to Wikia. I have taken the initiative to create Weapons Specialists, Scouts, and Comedic Relief Characters categories. I wrote this post to let everyone know! I was inspired by Darthfish because he added the one caregory to all my characters I kept forgetting to add, the gender. Thanks for your help! ☺

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  • Mpatton17

    Family discussions

    September 12, 2018 by Mpatton17

    Family discussions 

    (takes place during wacko12 age of extinction)

    Optimus and Evac had escaped Cemetery Wind, Lockdown and Hangnail

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  • Mpatton17

    A rookie's first race

    July 19, 2018 by Mpatton17

    A Rookie's first race

    (This take place in the unexpected rookie universe)

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  • Darthfish

    Policy Updates

    March 9, 2018 by Darthfish

    I have posted a few updates and clarifications to both the Naming Articles and Categorization_Policy pages. In both cases, these were simply clarifications or expansions of existing policy. Nothing has changed in the way this Wiki is being run.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

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  • Michael BayHaterSupreme

    That is reboot of Live Action series


    = Autobots ===
    Name Voice Description Altmode
    Optimus Prime Peter Cullen The leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime is determined to destroy the evil forces of the Decpticons. Despite his stoic exterior, Optimus cares deeply for his fellow Autobots and the innocent humans of Earth. He believes that freedom is the right of all sentient beings, and he will never give up as long as his spark beats. Red-and-blue semi-truck
    Bumblebee Drake Bell Optimus Prime's faithful scout and loyal soldier. Though young compared to most of Team Prime, Bumblebee is strong, fast, agile, and incredibly courageous. Unfortunately, his vocal processors were damaged during the Great War. He talks in beeps now, b…

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  • Michael BayHaterSupreme

    That is my on cartoon show it takes place to G1

    • Optimus Prime (TF2017) (voiced by Peter Cullen)
    • Arcee (Animated Fanon) (voiced by Laura Bailey)
    • Bumblebee (TF2017) (voiced by Johnny Young Borch)
    • Cliffjumper (TF2017) (voiced by Wally Wingert)
    • Wheeljack (TF2017) (voicedby John DiMaggio)
    • Ironhide (TF2017) (voiced Diedrich Bader)
    • Prowl (TF2017) (voiced by Eric Bauza)
    • Ultra Magnus (TF2017) (voiced by Michael Ironside)
    • Jazz (TF2017) (voiced by Phil LaMarr)

    Main Cast:

    • Megatron (TF2017) (voiced by Frank Welker)
    • Lugnut (Animated Fanon) (voiced by Kevin Grevioux)
    • Starscream (TF2017) (voiced by Sam Riegel)
    • Thundercracker (TF2017) (voiced by Graham McTavish)
    • Skywarp (TF2017) (voiced by Frank Welker)
    • Soundwave (TF2017) (voiced by Issac C. Singleton Jr.)
    • Shockwave (TF…

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  • Michael BayHaterSupreme

    DEXATI20180301133215.png Transformers Desperation is GGI TV series of franchise. It's like from Transformers G1

    Optimus Prime Autobot Leader.Mack Titan semi-trailer truck

    • Bumblebee - Espionage.Volswagen Type 1 Bettle
    • Arcee - Scout. Pink Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle.

    Ironhide - Security.Ford F-150 pickup truck

    Ratchet - Medic.Armored Ford F-550 Ambulance

    • Jazz (Phil LaMarr) - 1st Luitanent and Saboteur.He transforms into a Porsche 959 sports car
    Wheeljack - (James Horan) BWM rally car. Read more >
  • CaptainFlowerss

    Admins & Mods

    November 15, 2017 by CaptainFlowerss

    Hello, I am making this blog to see if any admins or mods are active? If there are same, please be more active here. But it seems all admins are inactive, thus making this wikia open to attacks we would not be able to stop.

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  • Darthfish

    When I was given Adminsitrator rights to this Wiki in January, I began a long-term project aimed at cleaning up the wiki. A big part of the problem was that it had been fundamentally leaderless for years before then. This meant that there was nobody there to ensure that the Wiki's policies were being enacted, to prevent vandalisim of pages, to clean up pages makred for deletion, to stop the proliferation of redundant categories and so on. The place was, simply put, a complete mess.

    As a result, it took months of work for me to get the wiki back into shape. Some of what I've done in that time includes:

    • Ensuring that every page is categorised
    • Ensuring that every page fits the Wiki's standards for title
    • Removing dozens of redutandant or empty cat…
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  • Brady Gliwa

    Can I help you with this article too?

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  • Darthfish

    New Direction

    January 5, 2017 by Darthfish

    My petition to formally adopt this wiki has been approved by Fandom. As of this moment (Well, a little while ago, but you get the picture) I am the sole Administrator of this wiki.

    My plan is to institute a large scale clean up of the wiki. This will not effect the content of the wiki per se; I will not be 'forcing' anyone to do anything, to adhere to any specific standards or the like. Rather, I will be instituting a number of broad sweeping improvements to the wiki as a whole. These include (but are not limited to):

    • Ensuring that every page is categorised
    • Deleting and merging redundant and duplicated categories
    • Cleaning up "marked for deletion" articles, some of which have been that way for years.
    • Implementing a standards guide for article na…
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  • Darthfish

    Taking charge

    December 21, 2016 by Darthfish

    Quick and to the point. I have applied to Wikia to adopt this wiki. If anyone has any relevant thoughts on the matter, please add them below.

    --Darthfish (talk) 12:01, December 21, 2016 (UTC)

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  • PrimalTheGreat3021

    Dead wiki stuff

    November 1, 2016 by PrimalTheGreat3021

    I know this'll sound like I literally said the same thing two times, but this wiki is dying, and I was thinking about adopting it, since there's no Admins/Moderators/Whatever on anymore. It's kinda boring being here without other people doing stuff. I know what you guys might say "oh,no, you're doing this because you want power and you don't know how to do wiki stuff", No, I'm not that corrupt. I'm doing this because this wiki is dead as hell, not for any admin commands or whatever. Also you're saying that because you might be Darthfish, and he has several bones to pick with me for no reason, lolwtf.  I literally said this in that blogpost "I'm on a writers break right now, to be honest, this wiki is dead and it's discouraging me from maki…

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  • PrimalTheGreat3021

    I'm on a writers break right now, to be honest, this wiki is dead and it's discouraging me from making new stuff....  It feels like no one's coming back, like I'm the only one here. Probably soon, someone's gonna claim this wiki, or I'll claim it. Though it looks like when I make a wiki (mixedbag) it looks dead. I know it takes time for stuff, but I'm getting impatient as hell and sick of waiting about stuff. And also, benman, I wasn't talking about you when I was talking about "i hate how you write" I was talking about other wikis and how they do stuff. I know you're young and all but please read the whole thing.   Sorry for that, but also, why doesn't it look like any admin I talk to doesn't even answer me. Insanity.There's no one to kee…

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  • SolZen321

    Hey, SolZen here, and I have another Theory blog. This one is about KSI, that company in Transformers 4, that was making Transformers. This is something I've realized a long time ago, but decide now is the time, and more importantly, place to share my thoughts. I don't know if anyone else has posted a similar theory somewhere else the web (I don't doubt) but I don't care, to be honest.

    So here's why their plan wouldn't work.

    It may also help to check out my previous Blog: Here, mainly it's about transformer anatomy and real world similarities.

    First things first, for those without the mental fortitude to pick out (or care to bother) the plot out of menagerie of explosions, racism... back to the point, their plot was to take the Transformium, …

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  • SolZen321

    Could Sparks be Real?

    March 9, 2016 by SolZen321

    Hey, I'm SolZen321, I am the founder and main user of Super Robot Fanon Wiki, I am also an Admin on the Ultraman Wiki and the fanon site, UltraFan Wiki, and I'm a big fan of Transformers.

    Now on the Ultraman Wiki, I have a things of writing blog posts, some are trivial, some are to address an issue on the site and others are me speculating and examining the Ultras and seeing how much they match up to reality. That's what this blog is about, how realistic are the transformers as a whole? a moot point. Alot of the most well known examples of transformers technology, like Blasters (scientists are working on directed energy weapon today), Space Ships, Warp Drive is currently seen by many as theoretically possible and space bridges (wor…

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  • Zachwest2003gmailcom

    How do you guys think of this G1 sequel I made? 

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  • Gcheung28

    Wikia's "Summer Season" of Qwizards continues! To celebrate this month's release of Transformers: Age of Extinction (the fourth installment in the live-action movie franchise), as well as the 30th anniversary of the popular toy and cartoon series (check out how Shout! Factory is celebrating the milestone here), three expert contestants from Wikia's community of super fans (as well as one celebrity guest with ties to the franchise -- be sure to watch through to the end!) put their collective knowledge to the test... all in an effort to be crowned the ultimate Qwizard!

    But that's not all! YOU CAN PLAY, TOO! That's right, you have the opportunity to win a copy of Transformers Animated: The Complete Series! Released June 10, 2014, this collectible 6…

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  • XD1
    Were you born to lead, or to follow? Destroy or Protect? Find out with our Transformers Personality Quiz!
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  • Gcheung28

    Did you spot all the details in the new trailer for Transformers: Age of Extinction? We've highlighted them in our latest Wikia Fannotations video!

    Catch anything else? Leave a comment with your thoughts...

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  • Gcheung28

    Along with all the gridiron action in Sunday's big game, we've got an exciting first look at Transformers: Age of Extinction. Check out the new preview and TELL US about all the cool stuff you see in the footage in the comments!

    UPDATE! Our Fannotations video is ready, check it out below!

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  • V-monfan1

    my favorite transformers

    November 5, 2013 by V-monfan1

    my favorite transformers list.

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  • Littlebotbrat

    I heard that a lot of transformers fans hate the gobots. I want to know who do you think was a better leader? Was Megatron,  optimus Prime, Primal? ULtra Magnus, Starscream? Cy-Kill? OR who or you? Please try to be open minded though..Cy -Kill did manage his resources better than Megatron and Leader one is more like Ultra Magnus than Prime. Zeemon was more like Alpha Trion. Megatron probably didn't need to conserve resources since he probably had more dependable servants and had seekers to look for energon. Maybe they gobots would have been better if they had a leader more like Optimus Prime.

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  • SupremeMegatron

    Anyone interested in this story?

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  • General Grham

    I haven't edited on any kind of wikia for quite some time now. It's actually probably been a couple of years. Anyway, I was a childish fool when I was most active on this website. I did not give some people the respect that they deserve nor did I lisen to voices of reason. Sarrc, as well as some others, were on to something, but I was too pigheaded to listen. I was also filled with the aspirations of this website becoming grand and well known, expecting such results in a rediculously quick timeline. It was stupid, as was I. I would like to take this time to appologize to those who deserve it, and tell those that don't to stick it. Either way, I just didn't want to leave without calm seas ahead. I know a period of something to the tune of t…

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  • Yzz, Master of DOOM

    Hi there ^_^. Just wanted to put this out there.

    --Yzz, Master of DOOM 02:39, July 18, 2010 (UTC)

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  • SEALlover141

    I wrote some of it so i hope you like my concept ideas and i will post my rough drafts soon.

    The Back Story!!!

    It's suposed to be Trans-, but who can blame me, but this is a list of all the guys you will see in it!!!

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  • Thinkaboutthisname

    Hi guys...?

    March 19, 2010 by Thinkaboutthisname

    Just guys? Okay I'm the first chick here. Kewl wiki you have set up. I like it. I'll be posting. My name is Thalia, I'm mostly from the Percy Jackson Fan fiction wiki and the Wicked Lovely fan fiction wiki, which I created and am the admin of. I might not be on a lot but.... Is this a place for fan fiction? XD I embarrass myself.


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  • Predestronticon

    Bug Convoy design

    December 11, 2009 by Predestronticon

    So many insect transformer molds! anyone have any idea's for an insect transformer mold I can use for my bug convoy (Insectimus Prime) ?

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