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Brisko from The Transformers (2017 TV Series).


Brisko is not Bruce Campbell. He is a cartographer, though. An, um, evil cartographer. With a photographic memory, to remember those evil maps clearly. He transforms into the head of Fangry, and is one of the few black people known to exist on Nebulos. Presumably, he is not related to Lennie Briscoe or Larry Zbyszko.


Arc 3

When Scorponok and the Decepticons arrived on Nebulos, they took Brisko captive, Lord Zarak and the other Nebulans captive while they began their campaign against Fortress Maximus's Autobots. |Broken Glass| After a series of failures against the new Autobot Headmasters, however, Scorponok agreed to form a partnership with Zarak, duplicating the procedure with his Decepticons. Brisko was binary bonded to one of Scorponok's top operatives, Fangry. In their combined form, Brisko and Fangry participated in an ambush against Fortress Maximus's soldiers. Though they were largely ineffectual in the battle themselves, the rest of the Decepticons managed to secure a victory over the Autobots. |Love and Steel|

When the Autobots left Nebulos for Earth, the Decepticons followed and battled them there, only to lose. |Trial by Fire| Brisko later helped Lord Zarak set up the Z Foundation, a front company for the Decepticons. Brisko went under the alias "Mr. B," and alongside "Mr. K" and "Mr. L", hired four of the best bounty hunters in America to hunt down Autobots, offering them $50,000 per capture. Burn-Out, Randy Horton, Skunge, and Felix readily accepted the job. Codenamed the "Roadjammers," these humans were equipped with jammer devices to prevent transformation or independent action by a single robot. Mr. B and his compatriots dispatched the Roadjammers to the Shawungunk Mountains area of New York, where a trio of Autobot prisoners would be released to test out the jammer equipment. The bounty hunters were successful in their task, and easily defeated Backstreet, Fizzle, and Sizzle.

But the Roadjammers' curiosity had gotten the better of them during their mission. Upon their return, they broke into the Z Foundation's garage, where they discovered the headless bodies of Fangry, Squeezeplay, and Horri-Bull. The Nebulans caught them in the act and connected with the bodies to teach the little snoops a lesson. But some double-crossing work on the jammers by Felix left the robots under his control... which was eventually broken by Lord Zarak's "anti-jammer," when he and Scorponok deemed it necessary to intervene personally. The device also freed the Autobots however, allowing them to escape, and leaving the Decepticons with nothing to show for their efforts in this endeavor. |Ca$h and Car-nage!|


  • Eric Bauza voices Brisko.


  • Brisko and Fangry didn't appear in the original The Transformers: Headmasters miniseries or Trial by Fire!.


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