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"Aha! The Dread Underoos of Mekonator!"

As the Customercons’ greatest archaeologist, Bughunt performs a vital role for their forces as the head of the Department of Digging Up Nonsense Ancient Relics. While it is a demanding job, he is suited to it not only due to his skills and board knowledge but also his determination to thoroughly research and understand a subject.

For example, Bughunt uncovered an example of what he believed to be the earliest known Customercon body type, one that had so far escaped all historical records. Intruded by this previously unknown form, he engaged in an extensive project in order to learn all he could about it and perhaps discern from there the origin of the Customercon race.

This lead to many cycles of thorough research and study. Not only did he extensively explore the design of this previously unknown body and its potential capabilities, but he expanded it outwards to examine the oldest known Customercon records. From there he wrote and published numerous scientific papers, performed a large number of studies and branched out into various related fields such as Customercon biology and technology.

Finally, after exhaustive research, he was able to publish his funding. This body type was, in fact, a perfectly ordinary rock. Which is something that anyone probably could have told him for a lot less effort.

It is worth noting that this happens to him all the time. Bughunt has made a long series of “amazing discoveries” that on the surface appear to be amazing weapons or technological devices. However, they inevitably turn out to be more or less useless junk that he has somehow mistaken for something far, far more interesting. Nor did he discover the Deus Ex Machine, which instead seems to have come from their enigmatic overlord. However, he is still the best archaeologist within the Customercon ranks, which says a lot about the competition.


Bughunt is a standard Fondlor body-type. As such, he turns into an excavator and digs stuff up, which is tremendously useful for an archaeologist. I mean, he wouldn’t be that good at being an archaeologist of he was a Fuzzbox, would he? All he could do is provide cold drinks to the people doing the digging for him, which while nice, would not be the best use of his skills.

As an archeologist, Bughunt is armed with a whip-like weapon. Well, okay, it’s a wrecking ball on a chain. It’s really not that archaeological, but he insists on using it no less.

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