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Unknown, but probably Hfil

Physical description
Alternate Mode

Giant flying steam iron



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Personal information



Holes in the ground


Bounty Hunter

Chronological and political information

Bored Fish era




Bukkit is the greatest Bounty Hunter in the galaxy. He is a ruthless, relentless, unstoppable killing machine. He never misses his mark, always gets his man, shows no mercy towards his targets and has never once been defeated in battle. He can beat anyone in a fight, no matter who they are or what skills or even outlier abilities they might have; instead he will be able to overcome them because he is just that good.

Or, at least that’s what everyone seems to think. The truth is that Bukkit is actually an incompetent screw-up who can’t do anything right. His victories, such as they are, have come about largely by accident or happenstance due to unforeseen circumstances like a gun going off at the wrong time, strange rebounds or even meteor strikes. Bukkit even managed to fall into a pit of death. Twice Three times. The same pit. How does somebody do that?

It says a lot about his actual abilities that the Galaxy’s actual greatest bounty hunter bases their plans around the hope that the target might smoke themselves to death. And Bukkit is less of a threat then they are.

However, because of his skill at standing around in the background and looking vaugely ominous, Customercons think that he is awesome. There is no actual qualification for any of this, but they insist upon it anyway. Thus Bukkit has an over-inflated reputation for being an unstoppable killing machine when in fact he struggles to achieve even marginal competence. It does not help that he has a deranged fangirlbot who has written copious volumes of text about him, gushing praise for his imaginary exploits and alleged abilities.

While nobody is entirely sure where Bukkit came from (nor do they really care), given his ineptitude and ability to fall into holes, it is possible that he is a Customercon.


Bukkit boasts a fantastic arsenal of weapons, including twin Pew Pew Lazors, multiple missile launchers, a cable gun and all manner of other devices. His armour is super-tough and may have been hand-crafted by master artisans based on ancient designs and may be made out of the bestest metal evar and your lazor sword can’t go through it because I said so and my dad can beat up your dad. Not that any of this matters, given that he can be rather effortlessly be dealt with by accidentally bopping him on the back.

His vehicle mode is a giant steam iron. The actual value of this form is rather questionable.

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