TOY-RBT-1533 07
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Robotic Tyrannosaurus Rex



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Dead grey (Robot mode)/Red (beast mode)

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Arbitrary Autobots, anyone younger then him


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"Everything needs to be just like my idealised version of what it was like twenty years ago. You're wrong because I'm right. Shut up"

Cainosaur is a Customercon who has a unique worldview. He feels that everything needs to be exactly like how he remembers it being during his youth (as such applies to immortal sentient robots). Note that this is not an accurate recollection of said past whatsoever, but rather an idealised, nostalgia-flavoured version of it that doesn't connect to whatever it actually was like whatsoever.

For example, he had a favourite computer game when he was but a mere protoform. The game has since spawned approximately 4,691 sequels, spin-offs, prequels, side-games, mobile app games, crappy d20 licenced games and ice cream flavours. Cainosaur claims that the original was the best version of that game and that all other verisons are massively inferior. However, he will never mention that game's clunky interface, massive scripting errors, primitive graphics, weak characterisation or the horrible tutorial levels where he had to keep backing away from Vapor Rats while shooting them with a crappy pistol for over six hours, good lord what were the developers thinking? I mean, seriously, did they not want people to play this game or something?

Ahem. Where was I?

Anyway, the end result of all this is that Cainosaur does not get along with anyone who doesn't share his opinions, while simultaneously denigrating them for being 'wrong' or 'bad' for holding a contrary point of view. However, he only does this with regards to trivial matters such as video game franchises, toylines, spin-off novels from popular movie series or the like. Ask him how he feels about, say, the Customercon leadership, the propensity of Explode Raptors to explode or how crappy Hfil is and he'll just shrug.


In both modes, Cainosaur is armed with a pair of Neem-Max Beam Cannons. This obsolete model of energy weapon hasn't been produced in decades and its targeting system has fallen well behind the technological curve. While Cainosaur should have replaced them with something more modern, he insists that they are 'better' then newer model weapons because they are 'more faithful to their original; creators' and that more modern weapons are 'cheap mass produced pap only fit for use by sheeplebots'. What this actually means is that his marksmanship is terrible even by the dubious standards of Customercons, but he is able to maintain some sort of stupid moral high ground regardless.

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