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Futuristic flying ice-cream van



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Napoletron, Customercons



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"Conquest is made of ice-cream"

Charlescream would like it to be known that he is not in any way, shape or form a Customercon. He has intelligence, self-determination, self-awareness and the ability to tell his skidplate from his elbow; all traits that the average Customercon lacks (and are even absent in a few of the more advanced ones). In fact, he’s pretty much opposed to them in every way possible.

Unfortunately, as the right-hand ‘bot (or, as she puts it, witless minion) of Lilitron, Charlescream is forced to work with the Customercons for every waking Cycle of his Megacycle. This does not make him a happy bot at all. Normally pleasant enough and relatively easygoing and somewhat laid-back for a would-be galactic conqueror, Charlescream becomes surley and unmotivated, often not showing up for battle.

The source of much of his problems is actually the one dearest to his central fuel pump. Charlescream is devotedly loyal to Lilitron, his lord and master. However, as she is the leader of the Customercons, it means that he has to deal with them on a day to day basis. The situation is furtherer hampered by her alliance with Napoletron; the Emperor of Destrucity seems to dislike Charlescream intensely. But then, he dislikes everyone...

It is believed that Charlescream served in the Great Glasgow Ice-Cream War.


When motivated, Charlescream is one of the swiftest Decepticons in both modes. His vehicle form is a flying, futuristic combat Ice Cream Van with an internal Ice-Cream Generator that feeds him nearly unlimited power for his weapons and systems. This mode is Helluva Fast, capable of outrunning any other ice-cream dispensing vehicle in the galaxy and is capable of interstellar flight under its own power.


Flying, futuristic combat Ice Cream Van. Note: Not like this

While not very strong, Charlescream makes up for it with firepower. In robot mode, he is armed with two soft-serve cannons mounted on his arms that are capable of firing high-powered streams of ice-cream to smother their targets. In vehicle mode, he uses the twin cannons as well as deadly racks of Ice Cream Cluster Bombs that are capable of spreading frozen desserts across a wide area.

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