Cindersaur (TF2017)
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At least over 4,000,000 B.C.

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Mechanical reptilian monster



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Firestorm Trooper

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Generation 1



Cindersaur from The Transformers (2017 TV Series).


The Autobots would say that most Decepticons have a screw or two loose mentally, but Cindersaur is missing at least a bucketful. A volatile combination of pyromania and stupidity, it is suspected that, in his function as a Firestorm Trooper, he inhaled a good bit more smoke than his systems could handle and permanently damaged much of his cerebro-circuitry. With one of the lowest intelligence ratings ever recorded for a sentient robot, Cindersaur needs to burn a path of destruction everywhere he goes just to have a chance of finding his way home. When not burning various things (especially Autobots) to ashes he relaxes by drinking volcanic lava and taking flame baths to ease his aching joints.


Cindersaur and the Firecons were sent to Earth, on behalf of their superiors on Cybertron, to make contact with the future Decepticon known as Galvatron. They found a squad of Autobot Sparkstalker keeping tabs on Galvatron in the Florida Keys, and decided to burn away the competition. Cindersaur set Fizzle on fire, sending him into the ocean waters and blissful unconsciousness. He was overcome in battle by Guzzle, though, leaving him out of it when Galvatron ended up rejecting the Firecons' offer anyway. |Enemy Action| Cindersaur got his rematch with the Sparkabots on Cybertron, when the Firecons reopened the Jekka Amphitheatre as a gladiatorial arena, pitting gladiators against each other and the occasional captive Autobot. Ultra Magnus and the Sparkabots came looking for the missing Chameleon, and were captured by the Firecons and their liaison, Zabra, as a result. Once Ultra Magnus was put into the ring and began beating the champion, Hooligan, Cindersaur and his buddies decided to pull out, leaving Zabra to the Autobots' inevitable retribution. |Deadly Games|

Cindersaur and the other Firecons were put in charge of a Decepticon penal facility on Cybertron. At the behest of Scorponok, they released three Autobots (Backstreet, Fizzle, and Sizzle), and sent them to Earth via a space bridge, where the three became test subjects for Lord Zarak's new creation, the jammer. |Ca$h and Car-nage!|


  • Troy Baker voices Cinderaur.


  • The Sparkabots were called the Sparkler Mini-Bots in the UK comics.
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