Construct Ticon is the corporation founded after the Great War by the survivors of the Constructicon Clan. The origins of the corporation date to even back before the war, when the Constructicon Clan was group of loosely organized groups of construction companies led by the modest Scrapper out the city state of Uraya. In the years leading up to the Great War, Hook had started to take interest in offworld and planned for the Constructicon Clan to start taking contracts from offworld instead of just taking those from Cybertron. However, before he could, the Great War started and Scrapper almost immediately swore allegiance to Megatron's nascent Decepticon movement. During the Great War, Scrapper was killed in combat, leading to Hook taking over the clan. Upon the end of the Great War, Hook stayed on Cybertron alongside the rest of the Constructicon Clan and founded Construct Ticon and took contracts from world devastated by the Great War. It was also during this time that Hook and the rest of the Clan secretly swore allegiance to the Destrons as they felt that Shockwave merely wasn't fit to rule Cybertron, nor the Autobots or the neutrals. Since then, they have accepted contracts from all factions and thanks to Hook's perfectionist attitude, everything they build is up to standards. In recent years, they have helped to build secret bases for the Destrons across the galaxy.

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