The Constructicon Clan is the organization that runs the corporation Construct Ticon. Originally a group of loosely affiliated worker's unions and construction companies led by the modest Scrapper, they joined the then nascent Decepticon movement at the start of the Great War after suffering for years under Cybertron's corrupt and inept government. Throughout the war, they suffered extreme numbers of casualties leading them to help further develop combiner technology, which at that time was fairly primitive, leading to the creation of the combiner Devastator, which was formed out of a select group of Constructicons and the numerous Constructicon Maximuses. The primary difference between Devastator and Constructicon Maximus was that Devastator was formed out of a select group of bots while Constructicon Maximus only required a single torso bot and limb bots who ere combatable, leading to an innumerable number of potential Constructicon Maximuses. During the Great War. Scrapper was killed, leading to Hook taking control of the clan. After the Great War, the survivors founded the corporation Construct Ticon, where they put their talents to use as a perfectly legal company that helped rebuild the damages of the Great War across the galaxy, though they were secretly aligned with the Destrons.

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