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"You appear to be suffering from what we in the medical profession call a case of being dead"
—Doctor Omni

A rare Customercon who possesses actually useful skills, Doctor Omni managed to escape both Functionisim and the general mass of ineptitude that is so common among their ranks. Normally, a Weyland body-type such as himself would be assigned to transportation duties due to their design, regardless of what spark was shoved in there at the point of manufacture.

However, Doctor Omni managed to somehow bypass this fate so typical of his kind, largely due to a freak stroke of luck. Being in the right place at the right time, he was able to employ his medical skills to save the life of Thingamatron, the then Emperor of Destrucity. Impressed by this act of competency, Thingamatron immediately promoted Doctor Omni to the rank of ‘named minion’ and allowed him to continue his medical practice. (That Thimgamatron was later killed and eaten by Napoletron was amazingly unrelated to this event).

This act freed Doctor Omni from spending the rest of his runcycle hauling around cargo, Fuzzboxes, hordes of screaming Mini-Cons or whatever else and allowed him to instead focus on medicine. After extensive training (Possibly involving a montage) he became the greatest Doctor on all of Hfil. Of course, since he was also the only doctor on all of Hfil, the claim was a somewhat dubious one. None the less, he can splice a fuel line, fix a ruptured pump, recalibrate a sensor array and reticulate splines with the best of them.

In an odd turn of events, this one moment of fortune has been massively counterbalanced by his life since then. Amongst other misfortunes he has suffered, Doctor Omni has been shot at by enemy aircraft, collided with a UFO, been run over by a train and once locked in a shed and forgotten about for several years. He also became a member of Black Crystal Pepsi Convoy’s team, which probably didn’t help him any.


Doctor Omni is the finest doctor among the Customercons, which is sort of like saying that one particular spot is the wettest part of the Sahara Desert. None the less, he is a skilled surgeon and can repair Customercons from even the worst of their injuries. Which are often self-inflicted. Although he can’t cure falling into a molten lava pit, as that does tend to be somewhat fatal. His medkit includes a laser scalpel, a cryo beam and a power booster rod, because you never know when you might need one.


Unlike Doctor Cattletruck, Doctor Omni is actually a doctor

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