Dominator, also known as Dreadwhip, is an Decepticon Prisoner held aboard the Autobot Prison Ship "Paradox" after he was captured before war ended. After breaking free, he started his old mission: To hunt down any Autobot he would come across and extinguish their sparks, with his fellow jail mates.


Dominator was born during the war of Cybertron, and had since his creation only live for single purpose : Destruction of Autobots. He is willing to do anything to destroy as many Autobots as possible - to point where he sacrifices other Decepticons as "pawns" to complete his plans. He is cold, calculative and uncaring, but gets easily angry when things don't go as planned.


While in his Robot Form, Dominator has black & silver chassis. His helmet has 6-eyed goggles, and underneath them are his real eyes - Fully Colored green ones. His Beast Forms claws are laying on his back as a "scarf", but when needed Dominator is able to lash them out with deadly accuracy - and even wield his Phase Blaster and Whip with them.

While in Vehicle Form, he takes form of lizard that looks like combination of different dinosaur's. Dominator has admitted that he had taken some examples from Dinobots while planning what sort of vehicle form he should be - with clawed talons, razor-sharp horn and tail spikes, and blasters on his shoulders.

Technical Specifications

  • Strength: 6
  • Intelligence: 8
  • Speed: 7
  • Endurance: 8
  • Courage: 8
  • Firepower: 5
  • Skill: 8



  • Energy Blaster : Dominator carries with him a energy blaster is most efficient from the middle distance.
  • Bladed Whip : Dominator's Beast Forms' Tail becomes a whip in his robot form. He uses also his nano-machines to control his whip, making the weapon unpredictable.
  • Energy Breath : Dominator's beast forms head can fire concentrated breath of heated plasma at his opponent.
  • Claws : While in Robot Form, Dominator can swing his beast forms claws as melee weapons, letting him to use them to grab his enemies, weapons or just use them to slash people.


Trans-Phase Mode : Dominator transforms his entire body into swarm of nano-machines, becoming really difficult to target with attacks and letting him to slip in and out of even the smallest gaps.

Nanomachines : Dominator manipulates a swarm of nanomachines as a tool and a weapon. He can even send his nanomachines to his opponents bodies to affect their movement.


Dominator got really short temper, which Autobots who know him use against him to make him lower his guard.

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From Right to Left : Dominator's weapons, his robot forms, and beast form.