The council

The council.

The Duicon Council is one of the many ruling bodies of the fractured Duicons faction. They meet in secret in undisclosed locations, and plot to return glory where the decepticons and predacons failed. Though under their terms they choose to wait and grow strong before attacking, but many Duicons are impatient but are to scared of the council to act. This has led to some rogue behavior among the Duicons ranks.

One of their agents ShockBlast, cousin of Shockwave, is part of the Secret Police. the Police are a secrete organization that make sure their is loyalty among the ranks. Many Duicons think that the council may have extradimensional origins, be linked to the Cybertronian Republic, or may be, in fact, creations of The planet destroyer himself.

The three members of the Duicon Council are:

Their known affiliates and agents include:

The members of the Duicon Council may or may not be able to combine to form the super-robot TriVexatron. A powerful being of power that may be able to open a time portal.