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Energon drinkers or known as the children of Unicron are dark cybernrtronians living on Unicronia alongside junkards they feed on energon energy andare known to have fangs coming down from mouth they can also shift into Humanoid feral bat


They are usually 2x times taller then a normal cybernetronian they appear to be gorgeous and beautiful to cybernetronians some of them have a cold voice which often is partnered with echo they look familiar to Unicron but the most Unicron looking are highborns.



A corrupt Cybernetronian count wanted to gain power so he found sealead away spirit of Unicron in Unicronia he gain imennse power thanks to this deal with Unicron but he gain full loyalty to Unicron as and more Energon drinkers will be created.

Ashbringer creation:

A legendary autobot aristocrat Van Helsix was a Energon drinker hunter and a creator of the legendary stake Ashbringer later he would go on the journey to kill Vlady Tepex and he did it but Ashbringer was too much for him and he died and the stake now is locked away in a dungeon fortress.



They are able to hypnotize every creature or thing that can think or do simple tasks and control their mind the eyes of creature turns the same color as them.

Energy absorption:

They are able to absorb energy from energon and feed on it.

Enchanted cybernetronian physical conditions:

Energon drinkers are much more stronger than normal cybernetronian like a simple baroness is able to easily lift up Megatron they are also immune to normal lazer weaponry also they are really swift and agile able to quickly dodge a meele weapon strike and they can run up to 900km/minute

Bat shifting:

They are able to shift into a large Humanoid like bat which in this form they gain bonus strength durability agility and speed.

Quick regeneration:

They are able to recover their organs or skin in seconds



their metal will rot while in Sunlight and they can turn into dust


The legendary stake made to kill energon drinkers so this is obvious that if its stab to their heart they will turn into ash


This is not of a big weakness the earth garlic causes them to sniff while cybernetronian one causes them headache and Itching


They are based off vampires

Junkards are often seen as slaves to Energon drinkers

They often practice necromancy to create more Junkards