Explode Raptor-class
Production information

Hfil Shipyards


Explode Raptor-class

Technical specifications

70 meters long (approx)

Hyperdrive system

Verrifast (TM) drive


4-10 Customercons, more if squashed


Transport, planetary bombardment (inadvertant)


Bored Fish era



"It's an Explode Raptor. Better get your umbrella"
—Unknown Arbitrary Autobot

The Explode Raptor is the main class of space transport used by the Customercons in their wars of galactic conquest. While Arbitrary Autobots are capable of traveling across interstellar space in transition forms and Decepticons possess Altmodes capable of Interstellar Flight under their own power (such as Lilitron or Charlescream), Customercons have no such capabilities. As such, they are reliant on spacecraft for their transport.

Unfortunately, they mainly use the Explode Raptor class.

Assembled by the Hfil shipyards through crude automated equipment manned by near mindless Customercons, the design is built to be pressed out en-masse with little regard for use, performance, safety, functionality, efficiency or structural integrity. The result is swarms of ships of exceedingly mediocre performance, manned by total morons. The ship is prone to crashing and exploding suddenly, especially when landing, taking off, hovering, ascending, descending, during reentry, in orbit, in interstellar space, entering Verrifast drive, leaving Verrifast drive, accelerating, turning, in combat, during safety drills and when sitting on the ground and doing nothing in particular.

The Customercons, true to form, have simply adapted to what other racers would find to be a rather severe design flaw with their ships. During planetary invasions, disintegrating Explode Raptors are used to bombard enemy positions, while the Customercons on aboard make very sudden high-altitude drops.

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