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"Remember, you can transofrm into your alt-mode in order to travel faster and access other abilities"

Expositron is a Fuzzbox-type Customercon who delivered vital mission briefings and intelligence during the Customercon Invasion of Earth. While most Fuzzboxes are assigned to gather intelligence, Expositron was assigned to dispense it (in much the same way that his alt-mode dispenses soft drink). In this role he operated form the bridge of the Dynamite, communicating with the various Customercon forces in the field.

This would be achieved by having him pop up in the corner of their optical displays as a talking head to dispense useful intelligence. However, often this so-called intelligence would come in the form of reminding them of key facts, such as how to transform, how to interact with objects and what guns do (Although, to be fair, Customercons do need to be reminded of these sorts of things). Other times he would just keep repeating the same messages endlessly until the Customercons reached a certain point. And on occasion, he would simply chime in with random, almost nagging statements.

While the overall invasion was a complete failure, it is not clear how much of that was caused by Expositron’s rather awkward and often forced way of delivering intelligence. Of course, even accounting for that, there is the simple fact that he was trying to provide intelligence to Customercons, who would likely have not acted on it anyway.


Aside from his role, Expositoron is a standard Fuzzbox type. He transforms into a soft drink machine, has four arms and shoots wepaonised soda at people. His most important and impressive trait is his ability to talk non-stop at people in the name of delivering intelligence to them. It is debatable how effective this method actually is, but he persists with it no less.

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