ROTF Leader BusterOptimusPrime
Fishimus Prime
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Planet Cybertron

Physical description
Alternate Mode

Custom Peterbuilt 379 Trukk



Sensor color


Personal information

Anniehide, Non-Extant UnPerson, Spoiler


Customercons, Computers, Tables




Leader of the Arbitrary Autobots

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Bored Fish era


Arbitrary Autobots

"Hawaiian Shirts are the right of all sentient beings"
—Fishimus Prime

Fishimus Prime is the arbitrary leader of the Arbitrary Autobots in one particularly inane alternate universe. Fishimus claimed the mantle of leadership because he “knows the most about Transformer-related stuff” (his words) and because he had a glowy thing inside his chest. Nobody could argue with his flawless logic.

As leader, Fishimus leads the good fight against the arch-enemies of the Arbitrary Autobots, being irritating Customercons, office furniture and malfunctioning computers. On occasion they also fight Decepticons, but only when they can’t think of anything else to do.

Fishimus possesses an incredible amount of utterly useless knowledge which is a vital aid to his role as Arbitrary Leader. With this knowledge, he is able to recite obscure trivia and make decisions that have no basis in fact or the reality of the situation. However, everyone is okay with this. They’re also okay with him when he looses his temper, as he only ever takes it out on inoffensive office furniture.

He is strangely obsessed with Hawaiian Shirts, so much so that his Trukk mode is painted up to look like one.

Japanese name: Fish Convoy


In robot mode, Fishimus Prime is very strong and tough, strong enough to justify the “10” on his tech specs. Yeah. He also has a Big Ol’ Gun that is used to Blow Stuff Up Real Good. On occasion he makes a typo which results in him pulling out a Big Ol’ Gnu instead. While a Wildebeest may have very little actual tactical value, the image of him waving one around and trying to shoot things with it is funny enough so everyone lets it pass.

In order to boost his energy, Fishimus uses a special power source called Warm Flat Black Fuzzy. Regular consupmtion of it allows him to extend his endruacne well beoynd that of other Transformers of similar size. However, he can overload on it, causing him to become hyperactive. Other Transformers don't use Warm Flat Black Fuzzy, mainly because they find it disgusting.

Fishimus Prime carries the Autobot Matrix of Stuff in his chest. Nobody knows what it actually does, but it’s shiny and he has it, so that’s what counts.


To make a toy of Fishimus Prime, get the movie Leader-Class Dark of the Moon Optimus Prime and paint Hawaiian Shirt-Style flowers all over it. Yay.