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Galvatron is Megatron Reborn with a Protoform enhanced by Dark Energon. He was killed by Rodimus Prime. Megatron was revived and became Galvatron once more in 2027. Galvatron sacrificed himself to destroy Unicron and his Spark was absorbed by the Spark of Unicron and pulled into another dimension.


Rise of the Terrorcons

Galvatron was created by Soundwave and Shockwave from the recovered spark of Megatron and Protoform corrupted by Dark Energon. With this new body he was able to kill Optimus Prime. He commanded the Decepticons in their attack on Iacon, However, The Autobots managed to drive them off.

Quest for the Matrix of Leadership

Galvatron along with a group of Decepticons returned to Earth on the Nemesis a Starship and base that transformed into the Titan Trypticon. Galvatron and the Decepticons announced the existance of the Decepticons to Planet Earth's governments. They discovered that the Matrix of Leadership was currently held in the egyptian pyramids. Ultra Magnus and Hot Rod entered the pyramid and found the Matrix of Leadership, however Ultra Magnus was unable to open it. Galvatron defeated him and stole the Matrix of Leadership and was able to open it becoming Galvatronus Prime. Hot Rod attacked him in desperation and ripped the Matrix from Galvatron's chest. The Matrix choose Hot Rod as it's next wielder and reformatted him as Rodimus Prime. Rodimus Prime fought Galvatron and grabbed onto him and flew towards Trypticon's chest. Galvatron was smashed through Trypticon killing them both.