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Gigimas Prime
Biographical information


Date of birth

9,000 BC

Physical description
Alternate Mode

SR-71 Blackbird



Sensor color


Personal information



Megatron, Vegarus


Leader of the Venusian Colony

Chronological and political information


"And here, I shall set up a new community!"
—Gigimas Prime setting up his colony on Venus

Gigimas Prime was an autobot. He discovered a new planet called Venus, where he set up a base to take down Megatron forever. He transformed into a blue and red SR-71 Blackbird.


Early life

Born on Cybertron in 9,000 BC, he was one of the high-ranking officials to Optimus Prime. After most of the autobots went to Earth, he accidentally put in a navigation error and disovered a nearby planet, Venus, where he set up a colony. He attracted the attention of several Autobots, and the colony turned itself into a large Empire.

Ruling the Empire


Gigimas Prime transformed into his Blackbird.

One autobot, named Vegarus, however, revolted against the Empire in a small civil war. However, Gigimas Prime easily overpowered Vegarus and the revolt was quieted. Then, he recieved a distress signal from Optimus Prime on Earth. Optimus Prime was battling Megatron.

Battle with Megatron

Gigimas decided to help Optimus. They battled Megatron with all their strength and took down Megatron by throwing him into the Atlantic Ocean. However, Megatron survived. Gigimas Prime would never fight Megatron again.

Battle with Cyclonus

Gigimas Prime had a brief fight with a Decepticon named Cyclonus after his fight with Megatron. They fought for a long time, but Gigimas Prime lost one of his arms and retreated the fight. He later found himself back on his home colony, with a new arm. He later regretted the whole fight and swore revenge on Cyclonus. Cyclonus though kept his new prize in Decepticon HQ.

Personality and Traits

Gigimas Prime was a very good-hearted autobot. Despite this, however, when in battle, he killed as many as possible, sometimes without even knowing. His enemies feared him, but his allies admired him. He had several allies, but he had just as many enemies.

Behind the Scenes

  • The name Gigimas Prime was made up by General Grham.
  • This is Darthtyler's main character.