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Decepticons, Leader of Destruction NOW! sub-team/ predicons

"Destruction is a rarely appreciated art. "

Grendel is the Decepticons Naval combat and espionage expert.


Grendel is the Decepticons naval commander, and expert of naval combat and tactics, he was also trained in espionage and survelliance. After completing many successful missions for the Decepticons, he rose up in rank, eventually forming his own sub-team, Destruction Now!! to take on the Decepticon's more sensitive missions.

His personal Philosophy is that destruction and survelliance are the highest of artforms, when he is tasked with any missions involving any sort of destruction, he carefully plots the most creative way to accomplish this. In his survelliance role, he is no less creative.

After the war, he went into hiding, still beleiving in the Decepticon cause. Eventually he managed to get the beast upgrade through less than respectable means such as underground street mechanics. He had been following the Avalon when the wormhole hit, and was likewise sent to pre-historic Earth. taking the form of a giant squid, he plies the depths of the sea now under orders of a new Megatron, who he feels is a poor claimant to the name, but that does not reflect his duty to the Predicons


Grendel resembles a narrow, skinny greenish bot, with a crested head, and disproportionatley large shoulders, often armed with twin torpedo launchers

His submarine alt mode is a greenish WW2 German U-boat, later, during the Beast Wars, it is a giant red squid


His speed underwater is unmatched, as is his skill at gathering information. He can often dissappear without warning


He is somewhat slow on land