Junkspot is neither the fastest, nor the strongest bot around, but his little stay on Earth is going pretty well so far. Arriving on Earth 40 years ago, Junkspot still hasn't changed his vehicle mode. he loves it after all, and he's too lazy to change it anyway. Junkspot doesn't seem to have much ambition, he's just living satisfied with his quiet and carefree life, away from all the conflict now that the war has finally ended. He even started to get along pretty well with the natives of the planet. Junkspot is one happy-go-lucky bot. Good-natured and always able to take things in stride, he provides a stark contrast to the more serious demeanor of others.

"Y-you know, i'm not really fond of doing, w-well, anything really." -Junkspot talking about his laziness.

Main Informations

A long time ago, during the war on Cybertron, Junkstop was an excellent soldier—tough, brave, and strong—and otherwise worthy of little note. Sadly, as he saw the horrors of war, Junkspot quickly grew weary of this endless war. So many friends, civilians and innocents had already fallen, and the bot decided to defect. And, as the Ark and the Nemesis fled the planet, Junkspot soon followed. Stealing a large ship he had found along with some allies, he roamed the cosmos for millions of years in stasis and finally crashed on Earth in the late 1970's. Knowing all too well his ship had followed the Nemesis trajectory, he decided to remain hidden among the humans, until one day, the war would finally end. Unfortunately, with the arrival of the A.D.F on Earth, Junkspot must now defend himself and all the others who have remained hidden from war. He's not that thrilled about it though.

Junkspot is best friends with Bulwark, a war veteran who joined him on Earth a few years ago. Both have settled up near an abandonned homestead, in the middle of the Nevada desert. Using the huge supplies of energon of his crashed ship (which he stole before leaving Cybertron), the two (mostly Bulwark) created a autosufficient society, where Cybertronians live together in peace, waiting for a ship to get them out of this rock, thanks to the creation of a galactic transmitter. He didn't claim the title of leader though, considering that everyone should be free to think and act for himself, Junkspot decided made sure that no hiearchy would be put in place, in order to avoid remaking any past instences.

Junkspot posesses a small arsenal in case of critical situations, consisting of his infamous Sniper rifle which he named "Ol' Chap", two arm mounted blasters, and a battle blade for hand to hand combat.


  • Junkspot is voiced by Mathew Mercer.
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