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"I mean, the Covenant of Primus is okay and all, but it could use more vampire ninja stripper catgirls"

By day, Kreep-Orr is an exceptionally bland and uninteresting Customercon, even by that race’s rather low standards. He seems to have no life at all beyond transforming, shooting things and occasionally turning into one limb of a giant killer alien space robot. He doesn’t stand out in a crowd (especially given that there is at least one other Customercon with his body type) and has little indication of his own personality or existence.

However, once in front of computer hooked up to the local Interweb, Kreep-Orr vanishes and is replaced with something completely different. He takes on the online alter-ego of Nekochanotron, a vampire ninja stripper catgirl who has amazing superpowers, can do anything she wants, never suffers any sort of setback, has no weaknesses or flaws, has a jillion ninja stripper vampire catgirl wives and is completely immune to criticism. He will gladly insert her into whatever setting or community he can find, regardless of how appropriate a vampire ninja stripper catgirl might be. (And those Jane Austen people were just snobs for saying that she didn’t fit the tone of their discourse...)

Once established, he will immediately gravitate towards the nearest virtual social hub (be it a tavern, cantina, skeezy nightclub or whatever else) and attempt to engage with other vampire ninja stripper catgirls. He’ll gladly whine, wheedle or emotionally blackmail somebody into engaging with him, even if they’re clearly not interested. Should anything go amiss or not follow his plan, he will immediately shout out “retcon” and pretend nothing happened. He has also tried this approach on the battlefield, but found that it doesn’t work so well.

When he’s not pretending to be a vampire ninja stripper catgirl on the interweb, Kreep-Orr supports Nekochanotron through an array of blogs, commissioned fanart, Yatter accounts, social media pages, customized action figures and so on, treating her as being somewhere between a real person and some sort of primitive deity. He will gladly bring her up in any conversation, regardless of if it’s appropriate or, for that matter, if anyone cares. And yet, he can barely remember his teammates names.


Kreep-Orr is a master of high-speed, rapid fire writing. He can drop lengthy, multi-paragraph responses in an instant, each one of them extensively tailored to get him what he wants. He is also an expert at godmodding and metagaming, and will deploy these weapons at a moment’s notice. Should somebody question him, he will quickly switch to defensive mode, using the twin arguments that ‘all RP is good RP’ and that criticism is bad in order to cover his skidplate.

Oh, he also turns into a helicopter and a combiner limb. But he sees that as the boring part of his life.

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