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The Ghetto, Hfil

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Alternate Mode

Giant Super Gas Cannon



Sensor color


Personal information

Napoletron, Charlescream


Arbitrary Autobots


Empress of Destrucity

Chronological and political information

Bored Fish era



"Fart spew chunks vomit spray fartness"

Lilitron is the Empress of Destrucity and ruler of the Customercons, lording over them from her curry-flavored ghetto in the highest tower of Hfil. Supremely powerful, she is the only being in the universe able to match up with the terrifying power possessed by Napoletron. In fact, the Emperor of Destrucity sees her as being an equal, one of the few who can actually match him.

Her true nature, however, is rather strange. Terrifyingly powerful, Lilitron can be a kind, gentle and forgiving being to those who know her. However, those who cross her or underestimate her usually find themselves on the receiving end of her deadly attacks, unable to fight back and being forced to flee or be destroyed. She revels in the carnage and chaos she delivers, as well as the fallout form her attacks.

Her relationship with Napoletron is one of mutual respect; each knows that their power is only rivaled by the others’, and each knows that they depend upon resources the other possesses. It is to this end that they have formed an alliance that will make them the rulers of the galaxy.


Lilitron is empowered by certain cosmic gasses that she can control and manipulate. These gases give her incredible powers, far exceeding those of normal Transformers. It also gives her an incredible array of weapons to use to crush her foes. In robot mode, she is armed with a high-powered Blue Flame Cannon on her right arm. Igniting the energies of these gasses, the cannon produces tremendously powerful streams of energy that are able to level all in their path. She is also armed with a Chunk Projector and a high-powered Chip Sprayer.

Her vehicle mode is a Giant Super Gas Cannon. Built around the Blue Flame Cannon, this mode massively up-powers the weapon, resulting in it being able to unleash massive blasts of firepower. Lilitron can also fly in this mode though expending massive bursts of gas through her rear vents, giving her unparalleled speed. In this mode, she is capable of interstellar flight under her own power.

Behind the Scenes

Bet you thought the enigmatic, sinister leader of the Customercons was Devil Satan Six, right? Suckers!

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