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Here is a List of all Episodes in Transformers: The New Generation.

Season 1

  1. Arrival - After a lot of damage was done, Megatron ordered Starscream to fire and Optimus Prime ordered the Autobots to retreat, Jazz and Prowl went on the Ark and the others went on Stasis Pod. When they arrived on Earth, they scanned earth modes and met a 22 year old Boy Called James who lives in Texas. Then The Decepticons tracked the location of The Autobots and fought them. The Autobots fight for James' protection. (Optimus Prime, Bulkhead, Bumblebee, Prowl, Jazz, Ratchet, Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave, Brawl, Lugnut, Lockdown,Bonecrusher and James Debut) (Episode Running Time: 56 Minutes)
  2. Dark Energon, Part 1 - Shockwave arrives on Earth while Megatron discovers an pile of Energon and decides to turn it to Dark Energon. James is at university studying. Ratchet warns Optimus Prime and the Autobots about Megatron turning Energon into Dark Energon. Megatron brings the Energon to Shockwave's lab and asks him to turn the Energon into Dark Energon. Optimus Prime tries to stop them while new Autobots and Decepticons arrive on Earth. (Cliffjumper, Blackout, Thundercracker, Skywarp, Shockwave and Blitzwing Debut) (Episode Running Time: 1 Hour)
  3. Dark Energon, Part 2- Shockwave scans his 2nd mode while Optimus Prime scans a semi truck. Optimus Prime goes on James" House when his parents are in job gets hacked by a Hacker and goes Offline. James" Parents come back to the house and see a giant robot and they tell him what's going on. Megatron infects himself with Dark Energon not listening Shockwave when he said it would be dangerous and not to do it. Optimus Prime battles the possesed Megatron and Megatron gets the upper hand as he defeats Optimus Prime. Sideswipe and Sunstreaker joins the Autobots while Shockwave creates a Decepticon Medic called Knockout. (Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, Knockout and James' Parents Debut) (Episode Running Time: 1 Hour 3 Minutes)
  4. The Crash- The Ark crashes on somewhere on Earth while Elita 1 arrives on Earth and scans an hot pink sports car. Later Optimus and Elita Reinute, but Elita did not last long as she fell and got trapped in a cave full of spiders. She later becomes Blackarachnia. Jazz and Prowl get injured badly, Wheeljack fixes them and Prowl and Jazz met an university boy Called James. Later Jazz makes an Autobot sub-group Carbots where Transformers that only transform into cars and other land vehicles.Jazz has an battle with Brawl and asks Wheeljack to make a replica of him. Brawl stabs Jazz in the Spark, but later Jazz reapears and says that it was a replica. (Elita 1/Blackarachnia Debut) (Episode Running Time: 49 Minutes)
  5. Conversation with The President- The Vehicons clean the Decepticon Castle while Starscream describes his plan to betray Megatron, but later Megatron appears and says that the President will arrive in 30 Minutes so they better get to a secret room. The lights are closed and The President asks Megatron where he is. Megatron suprises the president and opens the lights again. He later asks the president to bring a boy called Caleb. The President refuses and Megatron points his fusion cannon at the president and tells him if he doesnt bring Caleb he will disintgerate him. The Presidents says that this is rude and because of Megatron saying this he brings Caleb and leaves. Megatron and caleb team up to defeat the Autobots once and for all. (The President,Soldiers,Henchman, Vehicons and Caleb Debut) (Episode Running Time: 47 Minutes)
  6. Heavy Transporter- A new Decepticon called Astrotrain arrives on Earth and scans 2 modes which is an train and rocket. Some Decepticons are tired of being chased by a fast talking and running Autobot and uses Astrotrain's help and Astrotrain sends them to Mars where somewhere The fast Autobot can't find them. But later Wheeljack upgrades the Autobot by placing wings on his back so he can go anywhere higher than the clouds which is Space or Any Planet or to many other Galaxies, Wormholes, Blackholes (maybe could die in black holes) or even the frickin Universe. The Autobot Blurr finds the location of the Decepticons and blasts off to Mars. Later when Blurr finds them, he was gonna send them to the Supreme Commander Optimus Prime until Astrotrain arrives and they have an epic battle. (Astrotrain and Blurr Debut) (Episode Running Time: 1 Hour 5 Minutes)
  7. Trecherous Seeker- Starscream makes a plan to overthrow Megatron and rule over the Decepticons, Thundercracker likes this plan, while Lugnut, Soundwave, Skywarp, Shockwave and other loyal Decepticons hate this plan. Starscream tells them to silence and finishes explaining his plan. Starscream overthrows Megatron like 13 times, Megatron gets sick and tired of this and tries to choke Starscream. Starscream says sorry but his plan is still on his mind. Starscream is interrogated by the new Autobots Brawn, Beachcomber and Huffer. Because of his foolish plan, Starscream failed many times and Megatron said if Starscream fails again he won't show mercy to Starscream. (Brawn, Beachcomber and Huffer Debut) ( Episode Running Time: 58 Minutes)
  8. Ruler of The Seas- An New Decepticon named Tidal Wave arrives on a beach with the 3 Drones Aircraft Carrier, Battleship and Troop Landing Craft and forms which is first seen when the life guard is sitting on a giant seat and a black shadow with red eyes appears which is Tidal Wave and he causes Armageddon to the entire beach. A Little 3 Year Old Boy sees Tidal Wave and yells "It's an Robot!" every runs away with screams and the life guard yells "Run and evecuate the Beach NOW!" until he gets crushed by Tidal Wave. The Autobots must do their job before they it gets late. (Tidal Wave Debut) (Episode Running Time: 55 Minutes)
  9. The New Generation, Part 1- The Autobots and Decepticons Make an Epic Duel because of Optimus Prime and Megatron's epic duel which this battle was showed on the Internet, The Satelittes and they even made news about it saying "Giant Robots Fight!". The Autobots and Decepticons have an epic battle for Earth. If Optimus wins, he interrogates the Decepticons or if Megatron wins, he destroy Earth. Even James' parents see this news an get shocked. This is the battle for Earth. (No Characters Debut) (Episode Running Time: 1 Hour 31 Minutes)